Saturday, October 22, 2011


I really feel empty lately . It never felt like broke up, it felt like losing the half of myself.
i lost....
A shoulder to cry on.
A diary to write secrets.
A pair of ears to listen to my childish whine.
A punching bag to release tension.
A bunch of happiness.
Tons of entertainment , and laughter .
I peek in my social networking account.
I peek in my phone for almost 3 times per minute even it is not ringing at all.
So, i tell myself to stop. Enough.
I train myself to be tough n evil.
I close every inch of happiness to sneak in my heart.
I deny my eyes to cry.
I deny my heart to miss.
In fact, i live alone in a very spacious room now.
I feel really2 EMPTY.

Ya Allah, dekatkanlah hatiku padamu Ya Allah..

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